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2019 is Here! 5 Bookkeeping Resolutions!

Some simple new habits can make 2019 bookkeeping a breeze for small business owners. We are here to help if you need a little more training in any of these areas.

  1. Separate Business and Personal Spending. If you have been running your business through your personal accounts or if you sometimes pay  business expenses through your personal accounts and plan to get reimbursed later – STOP! Open a business checking account and credit card this week. Then link them to your QuickBooks Online where you can download your transactions automatically. At a glance you can see how much is going out and coming in and what your daily balances are.
  2. Enter Receipts with a Snap. When you are handed a receipt – snap a photo of it. Then when you download your transactions into Quickbooks Online you can quickly attach those photos to the transactions.No more lost receipts and NO MORE FILING!
  3. Track Credit Card Spending. We can miss out on some important business deductions when we fail to track our credit card charges. Credit card transactions can be automatically downloaded into QuickBooks Online just as easily as bank account transactions. And receipts can be attached to them also!
  4. Set-up Recurring Transactions. Simplify your monthly check writing and never be late for another payment by setting up recurring transactions. QuickBooks Online will automatically enter these as checks to print on the day of the month you select. Need help setting these up?  We are here to help!
  5. Reconcile Accounts EVERY Month. Even if you HATE reconciling your accounts this is a crucial step and QuickBooks Online makes it almost painless! And if you get stuck one month, don’t fret. We are available to trouble shoot and train when you need us. 

For more information on our support and training services contact us at 253-802-5707 or at elizabeth@sunbookkeepingservices.com