Church Bookkeeping Services

After managing every aspect of church bookkeeping for nearly 15 years, we understand your concerns.  We believe QuickBooks Online is the very best solution for churches and small businesses.

Are you looking for bookkeeping solutions?  How would you like know exactly how much is in each account anytime day or night without asking a staff member?  How would you like to have accurate budget reports, income reports, expense reports, and comparison reports with the touch of a button?

Churches face unique challenges in the area of bookkeeping. Often the books are kept by a part time volunteer who isn’t always available.  Many times the books are kept by an already over worked assistant.  And just when things are finally in order and balanced, your bookkeeper leaves!

Once trained a single staff member can easily manage every detail of your accounting needs.  QuickBooks Online automates many time consuming tasks from automatically downloading bank transactions and credit card activity to setting up auto payments and tracking petty cash.  The time saved is incredible, but even better is the immediate access to account information and reports.

Because your QuickBooks Online account is cloud based.  You can access it any time from anywhere you have Internet – and – on any of your devices: smart-phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  When you are traveling and want to see how Sunday’s offerings looked logon and see the deposits.  When you want to find the name of a vendor you’ve used in the past, logon and check the list of vendors.